Main functionalities of the School Education Management Software
  • New Student Application
  • Fees Management
  • Curriculum Management
  • Document Management
  • Ward Management
  • Grades Management
  • Library Management
  • Records Management
  • Teacher Assignment
  • School Bus Services
  • Health Management
  • Disciplines Management


  • Curriculum Management
  • Online Student Admission
  • Online Student Registration
  • LMS (Learning Management System)
  • E-Library Services
  • Online Payment / Fees Management


  • eImmigration
  • eProcurement
  • ePayment

SocketWorks (Nigeria) Limited is a limited liability company founded in Nigeria in 2003. Supported by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), SocketWorks Limited provides Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to African higher educational institutions and governments. Our company offers bundled ICT infrastructure and software solutions, using a vendor-financing model in which investments are recoverable on a subscription basis.

SocketWorks Limited's eGovernment services are centered around our eImmigration platform, which is currently being used by the Nigeria Immigration Service. This platform automates the processes involved in issuing passports, visas, and residence / work permits, and features online payment functionalities.

The SocketWorks Limited education initiative is called "Digital Bridge for African Higher Education." Its aim is to provide students and faculty with an enabling ICT environment that permits qualitative learning and access to the Internet along with digital learning resources.

In summary, the Digital Bridge initiative advances the following propositions for African development:
  • Improves the quality of learning outcomes and aligns the Institution's system with its peer groups in the developed industrialized economies
  • Develops students' computer literacy and increases learning opportunities by providing reliable access to the Internet and international learning resources
  • Promotes a more productive learning environment through more efficient administrative processes, allowing students to focus on learning and academic staff on teaching and research
  • Facilitates the use of ICT to compensate for unavailable resources and to leapfrog development

::   e-Government School Plus College Portal
SocketWorks Limited eGovernment solutions automate and enable the virtual flow of public services and information, and help to promote good governance and enhanced public participation.

Our eGovernment solutions are based on a comprehensive model called "e-Change", which provides innovative approaches and new technologies to accelerate growth through the institutional adoption of reforms by automating existing processes, streamlining business operations, increasing transparency, and reducing the cost of doing business.SocketWorks Limited's core eGovernment offering is the National Immigration Management System (NIMS), a program that provides automated management tools capable of handling a broad range of immigration related activities, from border control to passport and visa application processes to the issuance of work permits.

SocketWorks Limited's National Immigration Management System (NIMS) was developed as a solution to the automation needs and moral hazards facing the Nigeria Immigration Services (NIS). Challenges of the NIS included chaotic passport and official documents administration, a "forged travel document" syndrome, and various forms of financial fraud.

Under a PPP and ASP framework, NIS has partnered with SocketWorks (Nigeria) Limited to provide an electronic Immigration Service Administration System comprised of the following:

  • Online application for passports and visa
  • e-Payment platform for all immigration services using debit cards and smart cards
  • Management of Applicants (including vetting of IDs) by immigration officers nationwide
  • Schedule of duty administration for immigration officers
  • Border Control, Expatriate, and Work/Residency Permit Administration
  • Homeland Security System
  • SchoolPlus is a part of the SocketWorks Limited CollegePortal Product Suite, and is designed to automate the processes of primary and secondary school administration while ensuring that students gain valuable exposure to ICT at an early age.

    SchoolPlus provides students with access to online libraries and learning resources from around the world, ensuring that they receive the most recent and highest quality learning materials.

    SchoolPlus also has features specifically designed to meet the needs of school administration. An example of this is the drop and drag teacher scheduling tool, which allows an administrator to view teacher schedules of classes. When a teacher is absent, the administrator can simply "grab" another teacher's icon and "drag" this icon to the empty class – if the system allows the replacement teacher's icon to stick, then the replacement teacher is available to teach the class.

    Features of SchoolPlus include:
  • Car Pool Management
  • Curriculum Management
  • Directory Services
  • Document Management
  • Fees Management
  • Grading and Grades Management
  • Knowledge Center
  • Library Management
  • Meals Management
  • New Student Application Management
  • Records Management
  • Teacher Assignment
  • Volunteer Management
  • Ward Management
  • The SocketWorks Limited CollegePortal™ is a highly developed, highly customizable product that has been deployed in over 60 universities across Africa and Southeast Asia. This-end to-end system is designed to meet the needs of all key education stakeholders, including institutions, students, prospective students, parents and guardians, regulatory bodies, and the Ministry of Education.

    CollegePortal™ was built under the fundamental principle that technology must play an integral part in 21st century education in developing countries. The system provides students with access to online libraries and learning resources from around the world, with an aim to improve learning outcomes while ensuring that students have access to up-to-date and high quality learning materials.

    CollegePortal™ automates institutional processes on a platform that increases efficiency while acclimating students to a digital culture, thus preparing them to excel in a world that is increasingly driven by technology.

    Features of CollegePortal™ include:
    • Academic Systems – Internal and External Libraries and Research Databases
    • Administrative Systems –Accounting, Facility Management, HR, Payroll and Reporting
    • Campus Community Systems – Activities Management, eCommerce, Event Management, Facility Management, Groupware and Online Community Systems
    • Learning Management Systems – Course Management, Distance Learning, eLearning and Exam Management
    • Student Information Systems - Admission, Clearance, Hostel Accommodation, Registration and Student Records

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